This page is online for reference -- Century-SBCG disbanded at the end of 2004.
To all our members and supporters: Thanks for the memories.


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We've been fortunate to have had great people and great racers asmembers of the team over the years. Here's a complete list:

Walid Abu-Ghazaleh
Ray Alba
James Bethea
Scott Bernstein
Geoff Bickford
Eugene Boronow
Geoff Bickford
Paul Carbonara
Tim Clarsen
Peter Clateman
Kelly Cowan
Carlos Dall'Orso
Kate Durocher
Caryl Gale
Gregg Galletta
Paul Goss
Brent Greenberg
Steve Grenholm
Kurt Gustafsson
Regina Hammond
Michael Houston
Leslie Jennings
Reem Jishi
Daphne Karydas
Gary Keblish
Mike Laurie
Lance Leener
Aaron Levin
Chris Lloyd
Mark Maljanian
Charles Maraia
Haig Marino
Dave Melchior
Kyoo Min
Leon Moser
Ann Mullen
Bert Nalle
Rob Neal
Jamie Nicholson-Leener
Doug O'Neill
Simon Orr
David Ottavio
Chris Pappe
Rick Purdy
Matt Ragsdale
Andrew Riss
Mark Roland
Pierre Rougny
Mark Ruzzin
Keith Ryan
Lisa Sacco
Dara Schaefer
Chad Scheer
Tony Settel
Morgan Stebbins
Aubin Sullivan
Nina Strika
John Tomlinson
Evan Wachs
Jackson Wandres
Ben Wolf