This page is online for reference -- Century-SBCG disbanded at the end of 2004.
To all our members and supporters: Thanks for the memories.


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About Our Team
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CRCA-Conrad's is a New York City-based cycling team established in 1994 by Scott Bernstein, Mark Maljanian, Charlie Maraia and Bert Nalle.

We have a reputation in the New York City area as an accomplished, competitive group of upstanding members of the cycling community.

Conrad's Bike Shop is our main supporter. Conrad's is one of the United State's most historic pro-level bike shops and is located at 25 Tudor City Place in New York City, one block east of Second Avenue at 41st Street. Stop by or give them a call at (212) 697-6966.

The team is composed of about 20 male and female racers who compete with success. Our roster is a cross section of New Yorkers -- with teachers, an architect, an attorney, bankers, a carpenter, parents and other professions represented.

The team is part of the Century Road Club Association,one of the oldest and largest bicycle racing clubs in the country. We've had a variety of names over the years, including CRCA-Conrad's, Century-SBCG, CRCA-Metro-SBCG and CRCA-Metro-NBC..