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We've set up an electronic discussion group for CRCA members (only) at

To join the group, send an email including your full name and stating you are a CRCA member to JT at He tries to check his email daily, but if he's travelling it may take a few days for your subscription to become active -- you'll receive an email when it does. The first time you use Yahoo Groups, be sure to register as a "new user."

The service allows you to decide how you want to receive messages from the group -- as individual emails, as a daily email digest or on a website. Once your subscription is active you can select the method you prefer. You can always change this setting or even un-subscribe from the group.

By joining the group, you agree to:

  • Not share email addresses or other contact information obtained through the group in any public forum
  • Use discretion in making commercial postings. Occasional for-sale ads are fine, as are offers of services related to bike racing and training. But please don't post the same information often
  • Respect other participants and their time by keeping postings clear and to the point.

We hope you participate in the group and encourage other Club members to join -- its value depends on the information we all share.

Please note, the discussion group is not an official initiative of CRCA. For information on CRCA itself, or to join the Club, please visit