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2002 Race Reports
By Various Team Members

Saco Bay Crit and Road Race from Eugene  (August 26 update)
" Gary and I did these two races in Maine. We both suffered horribly in Saturday's crits and then did well in our road races the next day.
     In the 35+ race (Saturday's crit), I felt like crap. Then in the 1,2 race I felt worse and it was much faster. Many times, I thought of quitting.
     In Sunday's road race (80 miles, pro-1-2) I got in a mid-race break with three other guys and we stayed clear for about 25 miles. Then a big group came up to us. Lynn Bessette was in the race and she was great. She was more alert and aggressive than many of the guys. I got 6th in the end.
    Gary was eighth in the 3s -- has the results." -- Eugene

Saco Bay Crit and Road Race from Eugene  (August 26 update)
" Gary and I did these two races in Maine. We both suffered horribly in Saturday's crits and then did well in our road races the next day.
     In the 35+ race (Saturday's crit), I felt like crap. Then in the 1,2 race I felt worse and it was much faster. Many times, I thought of quitting.
     In Sunday's road race (80 miles, pro-1-2) I got in a mid-race break with three other guys and we stayed clear for about 25 miles. Then a big group came up to us. Lynn Bessette was in the race and she was great. She was more alert and aggressive than many of the guys. I got 6th in the end.
    Gary was eighth in the 3s -- has the results." -- Eugene

Floyd Bennett Field Pro-1-2-3 from Eugene  (July 24 update)
"Victory!" -- Eugene

Hudson Valley Race Weekend Pro-1-2-3 from Eugene  (July 19 update)
"Saturday -- Poughkeepsie Criterium
I wanted to win the crit. I believed, in my heart, that I was capable. Perhaps I wanted it too much, because I didn't race with my head. There were a lot of attacks and the three strong teams used their numbers to shape the race. I went with the wrong moves, or tried to bridge to the good-looking ones and wasted a lot of energy in the process. When the real break went, I missed out. Later on I missed yet another group and finished 14th. Summary: good legs, bad brain.
Sunday -- Union Vale RR
I wanted to be careful of the early breakaways but I wasn't feeling too well, and I was riding in the rear of the group. A group got away on the first lap (of 5), but they weren't far up the road. I moved up to try and catch a train across, but two guys launched before I got there. There was a lot of hesitation in the field, so I bolted. I looked back to see if anyone would come up to me and who did I see? Pollo! But we didn't make it. Shortly after we were caught, the gap to the break grew. Mengoni missed the break and had a lot of guys, so they gave chase. There was a lot of shuffling and re-shuffling of the peleton from then on -- a lot happenned. After (what seemed like) an eternity on the road, there were five riders ahead and nine in my group. Up the final climb and I finished seventh. It didn't look pretty. has results for the criterium and road race." -- Eugene

Hudson Valley Race Weekend Women's 4 from Leslie  (July 19 update)
"The crit and road race were both super hard. Both were smallish fields (20-25) but had lots of strong riders. I was poopy, but very impressed with Hanna Vasquez from CRCA-WSF who won both. She dropped her chain in the crit, was 45 seconds back, and somehow got back on -- then led out the sprint from the corner and was going so hard no one could come around. In the road race we dropped half the field in the first lap then settled in with not much happening til the death march up the last climb -- which Hanna won also. I got seventh on Saturday and eighth on Sunday -- my swan song to the 4s as I just upgraded this week. Thank god cause the 4s were getting too hard!." -- Leslie

SuperWeek Day 1 from Gary  (July 15 update)
"Menasha crit, 50 miles, 61 riders, fourth place." -- Gary

Finally! Park Ridge from Kurt  (July 15 update)
"I finally got that Park Ridge Masters race win...with some good competition from Mousa Abuothman and Mike Rosenhouse. It was really like I was dreaming... I guess because I was up until past 5am Saturday night?
     The 3-4s and the 1-2 Pro at Park Ridge were great races to watch also.
     Navigators had Mark walters and Davidenko & Co. there. Cannondale-Wheelworks had a huge squad including Mike Jones, Jonathan Page and Jon Hamblen who rode a phenomenal race. Hamblen bridged to a soloing Davidenko, then worked continuously hard, then somehow dropped Davidenko just as they both lapped the field and soloed up to another chase group that had two of his teammates in it... plus Grame Miller and Mark Walters (Nav`s Philly/US Pro winner).
     Hamblen won the race.
     Locally Igor Woods did well... and Jason Schneider and the Toga guys Sergio, Pulla and Cabalone rode very well to finish with the field. Jon Erdelyi rode very well ... he seemed to be up there in the field sprint.
     The 3-4 race was won by a Kissena junior who crushed everyone including Ralph Hazzard of CRCA-Axis who went away with him initially then blew as only seven or eight guys were left in the main field. Jason Bremmer of CRCA-Axis tried a moment later to bridge, but as he got kinda close, he said the kid just "punched it a little harder." The same happened to a CRCA-Kaplan (super strong & beefy-looking) rider who simultaneously bridged to Jason, then went for the kid too. They held on for second, and Jason just barely third ahead of the next guys." -- Kurt

Kissena Track from Eugene  (July 11 update)
"I raced the track last night and it was lots of fun. Kissena has an interesting race program that makes things exciting. I did pretty well, and was accused of having 'roadie fitness.'
     One of the cool things about Kissena track is that in-between races, the riders sit on the grass infield and talk about what just happenned, and about the other category's race that's going on in front of us." -- Eugene

Cheltenham Classic Women's 4s from Leslie  (July 1 update)
" I couldn't go to Fitchburg ... I was sad. But I went to a race in Pennsylvania called the Cheltenham Classic and won ... I was happy.
    I wasn't feeling great so didn't do much during the race which apparently was a good thing as it came down to a sprint and I was pretty fresh. The best comment I got from a fellow racer was 'That was great. I didn't think you were anything.' Hmmm.... " -- Leslie

Westchester Medical Center Biathlon from Kurt  (June 24 update)
"Geoff and I won today -- I was overall winner and Geoff won his category. Big field but just plaques for us... plus an interview on a local TV channel while had boogers on my face. Fun race though." -- Kurt

June 22 Club Race from Eugene  (June 24 update)
"A little birdie told me a few things about the women's race. The birdie said that with the barrage of attacks and counters, the pace never let up. Ann Marie Miller of Renaissance was the strongest and attacked from the front for all to see and to respond to. Women's Sports & Fitness knew all about it and raced accordingly (and won with Sarah Chubb), and then there was SBCG. Apparently, twice a lap they wound it up from the back and attacked slingshot style, catching everyone off guard. Since this birdie is a cycling fan as well as a competitor, she said that it was cool to watch -- and that it was brilliant.
     The mens race was very fast. The three of us (with Lance and JT) mixed it up to stay in the game and had good coverage. Half way through, I crossed to a good-looking group and looked back to see the boys controlling the front. The group was good because most of the teams were represented -- I think that's why it succeeded in staying away.
     In the last lap, the Young Stuart Gillespie put in a great attack at tavern, and everyone just looked at each other. I made the decision to let him go because I wanted to see who would chase (I was planning my own attack), but no one chased. Oops. I put in a late attack inside 1k to go, but they were on me. In the sprint, Young Stu got caught, Robert Lattanzzi of Miya Shoji won, I got fifth." -- Eugene

Housatonic Hills RR Pro-1-2-3 from Eugene  (June 17 update)
"Todd Herriott of CRCA-Think rode solo for the first 30 miles of the race. Incredible. A nine-man group formed on the flat roads (I was in it). We rode very, very fast to get away from the field. We caught Todd on the climbs. We all worked together until the last lap (of three -- for 81 miles) when the the attacks began. Jon Hamblin of Wheelworks got away with Charlie Issendorf of Mengoni, but was going too fast for Charlie on the hills. Then Todd went, then Matt Svatek of Wheelworks. I went after Matt, and Bill Innes of Kissena went with me.
     Our 10-man group was in splinters, and we all chased each other for miles. When we re-grouped, Jon Hamblin was 1:30 ahead, and we'd dropped three guys. We continued working together to stay clear of the field. Charlie got fifth, Todd fifth, I was sixth and Bill Innes seventh. It was exhausting and exhilliarating. I'm tired, yet happy." -- Eugene

Prospect Park 1-2-3 from JT  (June 16 update)
"This was a strange race -- bike racing is very interesting. It was raining so the field was small. All kinds of attacking early and the field split, with about 15 guys ahead and 20 at the back and those of us in back basically gave up. It seemed the race was over. Kurt was our only person in front, with me and Gary in back.
     Then Charlie Issendorf of Mengoni got the dropped group motivated and we rode a paceline for about five of six laps, catching the front group -- except Jason Bremer of CRCA-Axis (who won) and some other guy. In the regrouped field there were lots of attacking the last few laps and I got away with one other guy near the tend to take third. Made me happy, especially after almost quitting." -- JT

Tour of High Bridge, NJ from Eugene -- Kurt Wins Masters, I Placed Twice  (June 10 update)
"Pro-1-2 -- The High Bridge course is 3.3 miles and has a lot of climbing. It's very difficult. Mengoni had five guys, Ideal Tile four, there were many others, and Todd Herriott (who won). I don't know when he and the other six got away because I was too far back to see, and I wasn't thinking properly anyway. Late in the race I got up to three of the seven guys, then Charlie Issendork came up, then a Mercury rider came up just before the finale. We duked it out and I got eighth. It was over, until...
Masters 35+ -- Kurt was ready to win and did it spectacularly. Geoff, JT and I launched meaningless attacks that forced our opponents to chase us around. Then Kurt put in the move on the steepest part of one of the climbs. He got away alone and stayed for the final seven miles. Geoff and I snatched up sixth and eighth(?)." -- Eugene

Cadwalader Classic Criterim 1-2 from Eugene -- I Got Second  (June 8 update)
"A points race with sprints every lap -- uphill finish -- small fields. Knapps took control early. I laid low. Stuff happenned, the race came together, then separated into bits. Knapps lost control. I attacked and went solo for a couple. A guy joined me, then another, then another. A guy got away -- that was dopey, because I was winning most the sprints. Later we caught the guy. We duked it out some more. I got second." -- Eugene

Hudson Valley Empire State Games Qualifier from JT -- Gary Won  (June 4 update)
"The course was a mile and something in FDR State Park, for 63 miles over 35 laps. Early on three or four guys got away -- Reb Cole of CTS, a Sleepy Hollow guy and some others. They got a big gap. I got people going to chase -- not too hard but just so we wouldn't get lapped. Geoff in particular pulled long and often. Gary and me and a bunch of other guys pulled short and we got the group back. Then some other action. Then Gary attacked about halfway through. Eddy Espitia joined him and they were out there for a long, long time (it was windy). Near the end two other guys slipped away from us and got to the front. Gary won the sprint." -- JT

NYC Empire State Games Qualifier and Cadwalader Classic Criterium from Leslie  (June 3 update)
"Saturday -- Prospect Park ESGQ
Aubin worked her arse off! Did a great job. She knew I was interested in doing the Empire State Games so she did everything for me -- attacked to keep people chasing, hauled my ass most of the way around for the last lap, etc. etc. There were lots of attacks, but nothing seemed to stick and the only one that was really dangerous Kristen LaSasso from Polo who was taking off on the second to last lap on the hill, but was stopped when we were neutralized to let the men's field pass. For the last lap, Aubin kept the speed high in the front while I sat on. We were more worried about placing, than winning.
     Unfortunately I got a little boxed in at the sprint so ended up sixth, but turns out that was enough since a couple of the people in the top five aren't going. Sarah Suvayare from Women's Sports & Fitness won...again. Not sure about the rest of the order, but Randy Sharp, Vicki Huffman, and Nina Strika were all up there.
Sunday -- Cadwalader Crit
Really hard race -- it's a one mile loop with a hill to the start/finish. Every lap is for points -- 45 minutes + 1 lap of torture. Pretty big field of about 25 women with a lot of the CRCA women there. Was hard from the go -- I got the first points, but then Elizabeth Koch from Montclair Cyclist -- who must be a great TT'er -- pulled away. The field broke apart pretty quickly with six or seven of us chasing her around -- including Regina Hammond from Miya Shoji and Liz Seward from Polo. But because of the points issue we never could get it together to work -- we'd all sprint and then sit and rest after the hill. I was sure Elizabeth would fade, but apparently her gap just kept opening -- she won it all by a lot. I got second after sprinting my guts out a few times." -- Leslie

Grant's Tomb Criterium Photos  (May 26 update)
Nice pictures of this great April race from Zui Hanafusa and Marco Quezada.

Bear Mountain Road Race from Aubin  (May 13 update)
"I did not count, but it looked like about 35-40 riders. The weather was horrible.The first two laps the rain did not bother me at all, but. By laps three and four the wind picked up significantly and it became quite unpleasant. I stayed up in front,watching for breaks. Nothing got away until the third lap, at the very top of the Tiorati climb, on the rollers right before the circle. It was such a difficult place, because people were braking on that descent going into the circle.It was nuts. I was in chase group, working very hard.
     The group completely dwindled into four -- me, Beth Renaud (CRCA-WSF), Carly Gale (San Diego Cyclo-Vets) and Kristen LaSasso of CRCA-Polo. I came in fourth out of us four, as at that point I was so bonked. When I finished, I went directly to the car, changed clothes left -- I was frozen. Results are at the CRCA website.
     I had to drain my bike and my wheels. The rims were full of water." -- Aubin

High Point Hill Climb from Kurt -- Another Win  (May 13 update)
I was first in the 35+ Category at the High Point Hill climb today, in a tightly contested race: the first four of us were only separated by nine seconds. ... I was four seconds ahead of John McGovern , and I did'nt know the guy who was third, but Kevin H. from Westwood Velo (Who was Silver Medalist behind me in the State Champs last year) was fourth. Mousa Abuothman. would have won although he entered the Sr. 1-2 Cat. , he ended up seventh there but beat my time by about one minute. I did't, recognize the senior winner , but Raf Urzedowsky was just a bit behind in second at both just under 20 minutes (the only ones to go under 20) ... I was 21:45... I 've been wanting to do that race for about ten years or so and I'm glad I went ... it's a really nice spot!!! I tried to find the web cam there but I did`nt... I think its down right now anyway?
    Also Mousa says he`s doing 35+`s tomorrow at Harriman! " -- Kurt

Spring Series Finale from Eugene -- First men's win this year  (April 28 update)
"It was wet. When I showed up, Kurt was in the lead group of the masters race and no one looked happy. In the 1-2-3 I got dropped in the first lap and chased for a mile or so. Then I tried some escape efforts, but I didn't have the juice. Others looked like thay would be able to stay, but didn't. There were times when Pulla Heredia and Inson Wood would drive it at the front, and put me in all kinds of pain.
     Late in the race I attacked and slipped away. Somehow I got the juice back because I was able to just hold them off. I think it was late enough in the race that they were watching each other. Before the race, Inson told me that we should try to get away. I replied by saying that that's always my plan.
     There's a photo at" -- Eugene

Another Win from Leslie  (April 28 update)
"Newark Criterium April 20. Rain. Slick course. Eleven mile race (I'm not kidding!) 20+ women started. Six finished. (I'm really not kidding!) Almost the entire field went down in a crash. Twisted medal, screams, cursing...I'm having flashbacks. Another woman and I were at the front and avoided it -- we TT til the end and I won." -- Leslie

Seaford Race Weekend from Gary  (April 17 update)
"The racing was fast and somewhat furious due to the cross winds. In any case it was hard and it hurt. Day #1, 50 miles -- Too little, too late! The group I was in fall just a meter short of bringing all but two of the nearly 20 strong group back at the line; I was third in the field sprint contested by those who knew better than I that we weren't actually going to catch the break.
     Day #2, 102 miles -- Wind and Attrition and Wind and Attrition! One hundred started, 60 finished. Numerous small groups went up the road late in the race never to to be seen again. We in the main group lost track of just how many riders had sneaked away, and when it finally dawned on us that all the places (10+) were up the road, Dave Somerville jumped away with a few others and beat them to the line to claim 12th place and 'best of the rest.' The rest of us rolled in a minute behind, with some stragglers bringing up the rear. The results are online." -- Gary

Maryland Argicultural Criterium from Leslie  (April 15 update)
"Finally won my first race this past Sunday -- a women's 4 criterium with a flat course, a few turns. I was tired from Saturday's CRCA race, but apparently the legs kicked in for a few sprints. I also won a primes which makes me the proud owner of the Freewheeling calendar (featuring CRCA models in the buff -- I thought it was cool they were giving those out as prizes)." -- Leslie

Spring Series March 10 P-1-2-3 from Eugene  (March 22 update)
"A group got away and I didn't even see it happen. After that I tried to make up for the mistake, but ended up doing battle with all of the NYC knuckleheads. They should understand some basic definitions:
1. Attacking without getting a gap is called, 'Towing the Field.'
2. Chasing down bridge atempts when you have no teammates is called, 'Working For the Sprinters.'
And they all have lame excuses for their antics!
     It's my own fault that I ended up with these guys. If I had ridden with my head, their follies would not have affected my race. But they did!!" -- Eugene

Spring Series March 10 Masters from Kurt  (March 22 update)
"The Spring series today was a cold and windy one, but drier. There were enough 35+'s to have our own field this week (35 or 40 riders?) but I still knew Bernie McGary of CTS was the man to watch.
     From the whistle, John McGovern goes...followed by Bernie, and a mystery man in Blue and Yellow. The field wasn't letting them go, but they didn't let up either, and by the north end of the Park they'd built about a 10 second lead.
     I knew it was time to go on the hill, and as I jumped, so did Morgan Stebbins (John's teammate) and Doug O'Neill of CTS. It did'nt seem like we were going fast enough to stay away initially, but that was it -- six of us and two against two, along with me and the CRCA guy. As we hammered to the south end, Doug and Morgan decided they were done working and just stayed behind me as I played gatekeeper for the rest of the race. The CRCA guy was actually very strong and always willing to respond.
     On lap 2 we caught the 3-4s and a minute later Scott Willingham soloing along...and eventually winning that race. Good for him!
     As we did our 3rd(Last) lap, McGovern started to attack occasionally...and Doug even launched one coming down the west side. I relied on the CRCA guy and just always stayed with one pair of the others. As we came to the finish Morgan fought me off Bernie's wheel and I was happy enough to stay on Morgan's. Then McGovern led things out, chased by Bernie...we all flew by McGovern .
     They took about 45 minute to decide who'd won -- I was third, followed by Doug and the CRCA guy. Van Dunk gave the nod to Bernie as the rest of us looked at the film -- it was like a few inches at most). Considering Morgan just sat on and Bernie did so much pulling it certainly wasn't as close in overall terms.
     Bernie is so amazing...I said to him , 'You did all the work and still won.' He said McGovern did most of the work , but I don't think Bernie even realized that John was attacking...he kind of just thought he was pulling real hard.
    At this point, I'm more of a Bernie Fan, than his competitor!" -- Kurt

March 2 Club Race Photos from Walid  (March 3 update)

Spring Series March 3 from Kurt  (March 3 update)
"The 123 and 35+ were combined because of the small turnout, with the 35+sdoing one less lap. Bernie McGarry of CTS pulled about 90% of the time, with anoccasional attack from Pete Barlin and Todd Herriot -- which it seemed Berniewould just reel in. Bernie handily won the sprint in the 35+ (I was second) and then continued alongin the next lap commenting "the race was(is) so slow"... I said he shoulddo the 123s on occasion , and I think he`s considering it, so keep a lookout! Oh, and Wilson won the 123s ahead of two Togas." -- Kurt

CRCA Club Race March 2 from Eugene  (March 3 update)
"7 lap Club Race. We tried some stuff early, a break got away without us, we tried some more (without committing fully) but nothing worked, the break got caught with 2-to-go, then the real race started. We started going really fast and there were lots of attacks. Lance brought me up from the back and I attacked at Tavern slingshot style (1 1/2 laps to go). A group formed and we were gone. Brent Greenberg of Metro/Sanchwz won (a perfect way to thumb his nose at his old team -- though there were warm congratulations all around, which was nice); I got seventh. I was annoyed, but now I feel better. I'll be annoyed again later.
    Hot chocolate after a 35-degree race is perfect." -- Eugene

Lance in the Flesh  (Feb 28 update)
"Hi everyone. Just had to let yall know that I went to a race (Sam's Boat-Pace Bend Road Race) last weekend in Austin and saw LANCE!!!Right in front of me. He looked amazing.He just came out of no where and rolled up to the starting line. I heard that his new house was ten miles away from the race. I raced the womens 123 field just for fun. It was extremely hilly,and I haven't seen a hill in two months. I finished,which was my goal, and I got seventh. I was worried when I got to the line and heard everyone talking about HP and Sea Otter.These texas gals aretough! It was 85 degrees,and I saw Lance, could it get any better?" -- Aubin


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