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May 2000 Race Reports
By Various Team Members

May 27-30

Somerville Criterium
We only had Tim in this race, who was comfortable in the field and impressed by the size and speed.

It was an exciting race, with Eric Wolberg of Shaklee and another rider away late in the race, then being joined with about ten laps to go by Wilson Vasquez and Scott Mercer of Mengoni, Adam Myerson of CRCA-Breakaway, a guy that Tim described as a "huge Aussie" Jason Gould of YSG-Ideal Tile, Amos Brumble of CCB, Roberto Gaggioli, former US pro crit champion Dave McCook, John Wirsig of Snow Valley and some others.

Most people from the City were cheering for the Mengoni, Myerson and Gould, but without a Navigator in the move and the Shaklee guys not working much it didn't look great.

The Navs put on a big chase, with Matt Koschara, ever-green Ed Beamon and some of their amateurs working hardest. Here's how Myerson described the finale

Ididn't have the confidence to attack with one to go, but I wanted to! We gotcaught with three-quarters of a lap to go, but not passed. Mercer drove it from there, andI was slotted in for third. The Aussie attacked on the backstretch, McCookfollowed, then Gagg[ioli], Wirsing, and me. I was like a cork waiting to blow, and Igot over anxious. I passed Wirsing and Gagg between turns three and four, because I wanted McCook's wheel. Definitely a mistake.

The Aussie went again out of the fourth turn. When he blew with 400 meters to go,I hit out. Doh! Stiff headwind, and a long way to go. I dove back in on Gagg'swheel, when Jonas went by us out of the field like he was in a different race.I came back out as he went by, and he got caught up for a minute bumping witheither McCook or the Aussie. I thought I might still have a chance, and dugagain, pulling up beside Gagg but no finishing him off. I was gaining all theway to the line, but I had already blown it by starting my sprint twice. So, Iended up fourth, and happy to be going well again.

Shaklee riders got first and second.

CRCA-Sony's Frankie Arroyo got second in the 30+ race, which ended in a big field sprint. Kurt was twelth and Gary got a prime in this typically wild race.'s Tina Mayolo won the big women's race, beating 1999 winner Laura Van Gilder, who had been led out by teammate Elizabeth Emery.

Hartford Criterium
We had Eugene and Walid in 1-2-3 which is held on a fun course downtown. They were active but nothing was able to go clear. The race ended in a field sprint and we got nothing.

Squiggle Criterium in Flushing
Kurt got his first win of the season at the Masters. The field was small but had three super sprinters in Aubrey Gordon, Pat Gellineau and James Joseph, so Kurt spent most of the race trying to get away. Late he got clear with Gellienau, pulled the entire time, and then took the sprint.

JT didn't have as much fun in the 1-2-3. Only three Kissena-Sock Guys and two regular Kissenas showed up, so he was prepared to get worked over. Instead the race was cancelled.

Hills of Somerset County
This is a great race -- a 70 mile loop with good police support, a really pretty course and a strong field with a bunch of Navigators pros. And it's sort of a terrible race too -- lots of very, very high speed riding on flat and slightly descending roads and a big field that's very amped up. So it's big on mental stress. But that sort of stress is probably good -- it makes most other road races seem sedate.

And there were slightly less than the average number of crashes this year, though Lee Sossen of CRCA-Keith Haring was slammed from behind and ended the race with a snapped fork. And Kissena-Sock Guy's Eric Ragot was in a big pile-up where Juan Pablo Castro had laid it down in 1999.

Knapp's Jason Rosenbarger and Navigator amateur Rafael Urzadowski were away for the first hour and a half of the race, which was very impressive. Eugene tried to join them, stayed away for a couple miles, was caught, flatted and then got back to the field. Once the two guys were caught the Navs kept the speed high for their sprinter Belgian Franky Van Haesebroucke so nothing was going anywhere, though JT (like two dozen other guys) was heard after the race saying "Did you see my attack?" Yeah, you were away for what, a quarter-mile?

Van Haesebroucke duly won the big field sprint and Gary was top twenty.

Vanessa Mandel of Kissena won the women's criterium held at the same time.

Kissena Prospect Park
This race was aggressive from the start, with our guys doing a lot of attacking. A group of about ten got away on about the second lap and stayed out. We had Simon Orr and new father Lance Leener in the move, and they got seventh and tenth respectively. Mark Brinken of Kissena, on his new light Fuji, won, followed by two Toga guys and Stephen Badger of CRCA-ReMax. Tim and Keith were in small groups that left the field late in the race with Tim getting 15th.

May 21-22

Arthur Zimmmerman Cup
Cold and rain for this 80 mile race at Floyd Bennett. And wind, though not a lot of wind by Floyd Bennett Field standards. Our team had one main goal -- putting three guys in the first fifteen of this Univest Road Race qualifier. We had our whole men's team there, with everyone playing a part in the race.

The racing was aggressive from the start, with Simon going away in a good group including a Toga rider, John Frey of Northampton CC, and some others. They worked hard for several laps holding a small but real gap. There were then some impressive solo bridges to the group from guys like Sean Mannion of CRCA-ReMax and Milton Heredia of Toga. Then another group of about eight guys went across to make a front group of over 15 -- with only one SBCG.

Not good for us, but luckily this group lost cooperation after awhile and the field came together. Our team tried a mass attack which strung things out, and Tim also made a solo move. Lots of other riders were attacking too.

Then late in the race a group of seven got away -- three SBCGs (!) Simon again, plus Tim and, Kurt, Stephen Badger of ReMax, Jason Rosenbarger of Knapps, Dave Melchior of Kissena-Sock Guy and Sammy Acevedo of Toga. Sammy was dropped, our guys drove the group, and Rosenbarger went away alone with about three laps to go. He won, while Melchior led Badger over the line in the group. Tim, Simon and Kurt crossed the line in that order, with Tim saying "pretty much spent at the end, but looking back we probably could have played the finish better, next time we'll have to communicate better."

It was great to meet a goal we had focused on. Simon, for example, pointed out "Gary and I were rather stuffed at Harriman last week because we had quite a heavy week leading in, to prepare for this race. But we were rather better today I think."

Behind there was lots of action in the field, with details we're confused about. Kevin Malloy (CRCA-Dash-Renaissance), George Suter (CRCA-Union Square), John Verheul (Somerset) and arrived with others in small groups ahead of a much smaller field than started.

In the women's race Catherine Powers of CRCA-Dash-Renaissance made it three weekends in a row with wins by outsprinting Urban Fetch's Vicki Huffman.

Hillburn Criterium
The masters race got off to a fast start with a group of 6 or so going from the gun. The break included a couple of Liberty Cycle guys, John McGovern of CRCA-Sony, Paul and the always dangerous Pat Gellineau of Somerset. Kurt tried to bridge with Aubrey Gordon put both were somewhat hesitant to make it as they each were represented up the road. The latter part of the race was defined by constant attacks from Liberty Cycles. None got away but they left the break in disorder for the sprint. Scott Bodin of Liberty won it, Gellineau second and Paul in fourth.

Paul attacked again from the gun in the next race the cat. 3/4. He was soon joined by George Suter of CRCA-Union Square, an unknown rider (in Argyle socks !!!) and the ever present Gellineau. The break was quickly established on a tricky, slick course that favored a small group. Gellineau was sitting on but after a little encouragement was convinced to take token pulls. The break maintained about a 40 second advantage to the finish, with Gellineau winning, the unknown rider taking second and Paul nipping George at the line for 3rd.

Peerless RR
JT went to this beautiful road race in Keene New Hampshire with high hopes -- he'd placed the previous three times in the 30+. It was cold and rainy and the racing was, unfortunately, very sedate for the first 20 miles, with no one wanting to do anything. No one but former US junior world's team member Peter Vollers of Galaxy and Mike Shore of BOB. The field let these two guys roll away early. Big mistake.

Behind the race came to life on the big climb about thirty miles in, with about eight guys including CRCA-ReMax's Stephen Badger, CRCA-Keith Haring's Enrique Cubillo, Excite-GMBC's Andy Ruiz and John McKee, and Bill Yabroudy going ahead. JT went over the top in a group of 15 about ten seconds back and these two groups came together about five miles later. Though there was pressure in this chase group till the end, including a promising attack by Enrique and another rider in the last eight miles, the two leaders stayed ahead with Shore winning.

Badger won the field sprint for third in a really hectic finale. 30 riders caught the chase group at the base of the final climb and there was mad attacking all the way up and it was super strung out on the big, twisty descent to the line. Enrique was fifth and JT cracked in the sprint and got nothing.

CRCA-RLX had a big contingent in the women's 1-2-3 race and were the most active team, attacking a lot. Excite-GMBC's Lori Hewig went away alone for a while after the big climb but was brought back, with the field spring won by Sarah Uhl (Trek) ahead of Laurel-BAM-Komen's Yvonne Ilton and RLX's Deirdre Murphy. RLX's Nina Strika, Heather Baiman and Julie Walsh were seventh, ninth and nineteenth.

May 8-14

SpringFest RR
The key event of the day has to be the cancellation of the pro-1-2-3 race because of persistent yellow line violations. We're glad that the promoters are looking after the long-term interests of the sport and made what has to be an unpopular decision. That said, there is a certain share of blame all around. First by the riders who simply ignored a basic rule. For example, on the second lap a guy was leading the field up Tiorati using the entire road and we all followed. That's just not right.

But at the same time the race promoters and officials need to take a firmer hand earlier, disqualifying individual riders earlier. And there need to be enough officials to keep things under control -- especially with a big field on a windy course. And clearer instructions. Although the yellow line rule is a key part of most races, at least one rider who we greatly respect (and who promotes better-organized races himself) said that he honestly believed the field had full use of the road and also pointed out that the chief official was interrupted inher instructions by one of the promoters beginning the countdown to start.

To the racing. The move went early, with Bill Innes (Kissena), another Kissena rider, Chris Peck of Wheelworks, and a five other riding attacking up the Tiorati climb on the first lap, gaining 20 second by the top seemingly settling the race.

Behind Eugene attacked with a Knapp's rider at the top of the Tiorati climb on the second lap and they stayed away till the base of Tioroti the third time. At that point, Eugene was in a bit of pain, came off in a group, then got back on. There was some more action, though the break was well clear, including a big surge by Adam Myerson of CRCA-Breakaway the fourth time up Tiorati. At the back Tim was having mechanicals and trying to get back on with some help from Walid.

And then the race was stopped. The break was allowed to race for the places.
1. Bill Innes - Kissena Cycling Club, 2. Jerzy Wozniak - Ideal Tile, 3. Nat Faulkner - Kissena Cycling Club, 4. Antoine Verghese - Kissena Cycling Club, 5. Andy Applegate - Ideal Tile,6. Christopher Peck - Wheelworks, 7. Rafal Urzedowski - Watchung Wheelmen (123 starters)

In contrast, the 3-4-junior race was quite responsibly raced, with a few individual boneheads attacking over the yellow line but being shouted down by their competitors. The speed was high on the climbs, but the race was mainly attrtion from the back, with guys constantly being dropped. Including some loudmouths from the city who fancy themselves big hitters. Ha! And then they pilloried some team supporters for botched feeds. The race was only 56 miles.

In the end less than a third of the field was left, and the last time over the "old field hill" there were some good attacks including a solo attempt by Dave Sommerville of Kissena-Sock Guy. About seven riders slipped the field in this action. We don't know yet who won, but CRCA-Dash-Renaissance's Josh Davison was second and Sommerville fourth.
1. Ian Beilby - CBRC, 2. Peter Ozolins - Ithaca, 3. Josh Davidson - CRCA/, 4. David Sommerville - Kissena Cycling Club, 5. Jeff Schmela - CRCA/,6. Greg Loprete - Arizona Iced Tea, 7. Matthew Collins - Dartmouth (194 starters)

We had four guys in the masters. Rick Purdy, just returning to racing, gave an interesting perspective from the point of view of the weaker riders, asking "If you are dropped, shouldn't that be a good reason to keep out there at least for the possibility of getting in a workout that you clearly need? I'll bet at least one-third of the field didn't finish the race, all people who knew they weren't going to be contenders goingin. It's a really sad part of our sport, that people are not embarrassed to drop out of a road race, but are embarrassed to finish very far back." One guy Rick rode in with even took off his number to make it look like he wasn't racing. It was a nice day and there is no racing on Monday that we are aware off, so what are people saving themselves for?

A better example is from Cranford-Spin Gym's Reb Cole, who we last saw lying in the road with lots of broken bones at Killington last year. He toughed it out in this race.

There was all kinds of interesting stuff in the high speed hairpin too. On the second or third lap one guy totally misjudged his speed and flew off the road into the grass, keeping it upright. Rick was forced into a sign there on the first lap, which then went in front of CRCA's Rich Borow, who got back into the field.

The race itself was decided early, with Andy Melnychenko, John Podesta (CRCA-Keith Haring), GMBC's John McKee and John Dolzadelli, Cranford's Manny Lopez and some others going away in a few small groups. Paul was with some of that, but came back after a lap with Dolzadelli and a few others. The field went pretty slow, with GMBC's John Funk setting a moderate tempo.

Kurt and JT got active on the last lap, with Kurt going away on Seven Lakes Drive with one other guy on the last lap, catching some of the break and getting sixth. JT was in a three-man move (with Dolzadelli) that went away a minute later and endured a lot of verbal abuse for sitting on. Kurt was right in front, so we don't understand this. GMBC's Andy Ruiz came up from behind and then attacked this small group to come in alone for 8th or 9th, with Dolzadelli leading JT in for 9th or 10th a few second laters. Paul won the field sprint for 12th or 13th. We thought Melnychenko won but were not sure.
1. John McKee - Excite/Smart Fuel, 2. Andy Melnychenko, 3. Bill Kinney - Target, 4. Manny Lopez - Cranford, 5. Thomas Cipolla - CIUC, 6. Kurt Gustafsson - CRCA/SBCG(82 starters)

Catherine Powers of CRCA-Dash-Renaissance won the women's 4 with CRCA-Women's Sports & Fitness' Beth Renaud second. These are the same places as at Jiminy Peak last week.
1. Catherine Powers - CRCA/Bicycles Renaissance, 2. Beth Renaud - CRCA/Women's Sports & Fitness, 3. Aubin Sullivan CRCA/Bicycles Renaissance (30 starters)

In the women 1-2-3 GMBC's Lori Hewing attacked on the old feed hill and rode in alone. Vanessa Mandel of Kissena launched a long sprint for second place with Tara Parsons (CRCA-RLX-Polo Sport) third. 1
1. Lori Hewig - Excite/Smart Fuel, 2. Vanessa Mandel - Kissena Cycling Club, 3. Tara Parsons - CRCA/RLX Polo Sports, 4. Katrina Davis - Independent Fabrications5. Ann Marie Miller - CRCA/Women's Sports & Fitness, 6. Kate Farrell - Trek, 7. Nina Strika - CRCA/RLX Polo Sports (32 starters)

Let's hope we're allowed to race in the fall!

Orchard Beach Criterium
What a fun venue. It's easy to get to by car, train or bike and the course is good and different so different from Central and Prospect Parks, with real corners. We just don't understand why so few riders from the city show up. Or more accurately why so few guys show -- the women had about 20 riders with representation from all the teams and a number of gold and blue. The pro-1-2-3 men's race was hardcore -- everyone cam to race -- but only about 30 riders. Maybe everyone was saving it for Harriman...

There was all kinds of action in this points race, with numerous groups going away. We were a bit out of sync, despite having a bunch of guys in the race -- Eugene, Tim, Walid, Gary and JT, plus Paul in the masters. There were a number of promising moves, including when six guys joined Tim and another attacker -- but we had no one in those six which was a big mistake.

Adam Myerson of CRCA-Breakaway Courier Systems won, with really good sprinting from the field and from breaks, duly assisted by teammate Charlie Issendorf. Eugene was fourth and we were impressed by the horsepower of the Jet Fuel guys from Canada.
1. Adam Myerson - Breakaway Couriers, 2. Andrew Randell - Jet Fuel, 3. Josh Hall - Jet Fuel, 4. Eugene Boronow - CRCA-SCBC 5. Chris Chong Tenn - Navigators, 6. Dave Ebling - HVVC, 7. Steve Badger - CRCA-ReMax, 8. Inson Wood - CRCA-Keith Haring Foundation, 9. Lane Rodgrs - CRCA-Keith Haring Foundation, 10. David Jordan - CRCA-Union Square Cafe (34 starters; 35 miles in 1:20:31)

The women's race appeared less animated, which suited Hudson Valley CC's Laura Kibelsbeck. She won, with help from teammate Janice Sibilia.
1. Laura Kiblesbeck - HVVC, 2. Vickie Huffman - Team, 3. Tara Parsons - CRCA-RLX Polo Sports, 4. Ann Marie Miller - CRCA-Women's Sports & Fitness, 5. Nina Strika - CRCA-RLX Polo Sports, 6. Catherine Powers - CRCA-Dash-Renaissance, 7. Shari Stillman - Team (23 starters; 20 miles in 50:54)
Category 4: 1. Ralph Hassard -, 2. Aston Reid - Team TAM, 3. John Morales, 4. Zui Hanafusa - CRCA-Miya Shoji, 5. David Greenblatt - CRCA, 6. Todd Stodolski - CRCA, 7. Simon Buchlano - CRCA-Strictly Bicycles (18 starters; 15 miles in 35:16)
Masters 45+: 1. Robert Clifford - CRCA-Sony Music Studios, 2. Jack Briggs - CRCA-CBS, (5 starters; 15 Miles, 35:16)

Kissena Prospect Park
Kurt did the masters and was in a two-man break for several laps. But it came together with CRCA-Sony's Frankie Arroyo winning in a field sprint.

We had no one in the Pro-1-2-3 but were pleased to hear that fellow traveller Dave Sommerville of Kissena-Sock Guy won by attacking from the break and coming in alone.

Floyd Bennett Tuesday
The second round of the Floyd Bennett Series, begging with the usual ride through some of the most dynamic neighborhoods in Brooklyn to an airfield near the ocean. It's surreal -- the smell of the ocean, the howling of the wind, all with the backdrop of Manhattan's skyscrapers. And as Walid puts it "Flat, windy, with no place to hide, it's the kind of place where shit happens, weird breaks go, and unknowns ride off into the sunset -- literally."

This week, because of the huge turnout he promoter kept registering riders after the 7:00pm deadline, the USCF officials were forced cut a lap on an already short race. The Pro 1,2,3 field started huge and stayed huge right to the finish. Way too many people were fresh for the finish. This is the kind of race where 60 people will tell you they were in on a break.

Dave Jordan (CRcA-Union Square) started the action, staying out alone for a lap and then being joined by a few others. When that group went, similar solo then group efforts followed, including a promising move by Walid, a Toga rdier and a couple others. Then when they came back, Union Square's George Suter countered with the only decent thing of the day, riding hard off the front for a lap and a half while the Simon chased his ass down and blew the field into three parts in the process.

Then it all came together, with everyone fighting for the wheels of the fast guys -- 7-Up, a Megoni, and a few Togas. Gary was right in the mix, but came out of an altercation with a spokeless wheel while still upright.

May 6-7

Jiminy Peak RR
Lots of riders from CRCA participated in this New England classic and many played big roles. For example, there were over 20 women from the club among the hundred riders in the two women's fields, with Dash-Renaissance's Catherine Powers winning the 4s over Women's Sports & Fitness' Beth Renaud, while Deirdre Murphy of RLX Polo and former Metro rider Caryl Gale (now Cranford :-( ) figured in the break in the 1-2-3. Plus's Ralph Hassard won the 4s.

We had riders in the masters and Pro-1-2 races. Kurt, Paul and Gary did the former, with Paul flatting out early and Kurt "hanging back for much of the race because guys were going so hard early" as he put it. The race was dominated by a three rider break including Green Mountain Bicycle Club's John Funk and a CRCA-Strictly Bicycles Rider. After they were caught a group of about eight went clear, with Kurt and CRCA-Sony's Morgan Stebbins just getting across. Morgan took the win, with Kurt third or fourth.

The Pro-1-2 didn't go so well for us. Eugene was, as last year, very aggressive early but his moves didn't stick this time and he was a bit burnt when the big action took place. JT cracked early and Walid, while hanging tough, was not a big factor.

The race split up dramatically, with a group of about twenty -- containing many Kissena riders, plus John Loener of CRCA-Dash Renaissance and Inson Wood of CRCA-Keith Haring -- going clear for awhile. Inson was particularly aggressive and attacked the break at one point in response to a move by CCB's Amos Brumble. But late in the race all the main groups came together -- while Kissena's Billy Innes went away with a couple other riders to win by over a minute over the field. Kevin Monahan of 7-Up/Colorado Cyclist took the field sprint for fourth, with Kyoo Min of Dash-Renaissance getting seventh.

Hollenbeck's Spring RR
This small race held north of Binghamton is all about fun. There are no prizes -- or rather everyone "wins" the pastries and fruit given out in abundance afterwards. JT did the 1-2-3, with about 30 other guys. One rider was away solo for 55 of the 66 hilly, windy miles but blew up big time. Instead the race was decided by an attack by Steve Simpson (Cranford) who went away with another rider about halfway in while the other key riders -- Sean Mannion of CRCA-ReMax, Andy Ruiz of Green Mountain Bicycle Club, JT and former CRCA members and TT gurus Glenn Swan (Cranford) and Jonathan Dechau (Breakaway Fitness) were just looking at each other.

Those five, plus a few other guys dropped everyone else with about 20 miles to go. That group split, with Dechau and Ruiz going ahead. Dechau took third ahead of Ruiz, while Sean, JT, Swan and a couple others limped home as "the field." Sean was seventh, clearly motivated by his girlfriend Michelle cheering at the finish line (after winning the women's race), and JT eighth.


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