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July 2000 Race Reports
By Various Team Members

July 29-30

Naugatuck Criterium
A fun course normally, this was a bit scary this year because of driving rain. We had JT in the masters and he was a player, but had a lot of trouble in the corners and didn't make the four man break led by Andy Ruiz of GMBC. Ruiz's teammate John Funk was great, controlling the field and then jumping across late to make it five ahead. Ruiz won from Pat MacNamara (Ridgefield Bank) and Funk.

In the field JT raced into the last corner, went around really slow and then led the last 350 meters (!) to take sixth.

He chickened out from doing the 1-2-3 in which the rain was torrential. Andy Donaldson of Galaxy SM won with a very fast sprint. Kevin Malloy from was fifth and Breakaway's Adam Hodges Myerson sixth. But if you haven't heard, the biggest news of the day was what took place after the race involving Hodges Myerson and Mengoni rider Scott Mercer. Here's the story.

Nutmeg State Games Criterium
JT did the masters and the 1-2-3 here, held this year in New Britain's Walnut Hill Park. The masters was pretty negative -- the fact that JT's two lap solo with four to go was the longest-lived move of the race says a lot. The BOB team was working hard to keep things together for sprinter Mike Norton (though considering one of our riders beat him the previous year in this same race suggests that might not have been wise). But Norton snapped a crank with 400 meters to go and the race was won by Skip Foley of CCB, who had been aggressive but heavily marked. Brian Wolf of Le Chateau and Andy Ruiz of GMBC were second and third.

The 1-2-3 was much more open, with several good moves. But it came down to a field sprint battle between CRCA-Breakaway, with Charlie Issendorf working for Adam Hodges Myerson, versus CCB with Foley, Shawn McCormack and Amos Brumble. McCormark won over Myerson and Foley (in his second race of the day).

CRCA Club Race
Not a lot to report on our end except for new mommy Jamie Nicholson mixing it up big-time in the A's -- including a decent long-range leadout for Tim. Which wasn't enough against new Kyoo Min. Again! Full results are finally at the CRCA site

Empire State Games
See Beth Renaud's special report and the full results.

July 18-23

Unionvale Road Race
A new promotion by the Hudson Valley Velo Club, this featured a beautiful rolling course and a stiff finishing climb.

We had Keith and Rick in the 3s, with Keith very active but eventually cracking. Rick ended up about 25th. Josh Davison of was fourth.

The 1-2 race was decided largely in the first 15 mile lap, with ballistic attacking by various Wheelworks-Cannondale riders. We had Eugene and JT in the race, but Eugene couldn't quite handle the moves and JT didn't even try. Eugene made the break for a few miles, came back, then went again and spent over a lap in a small chase before ending up back in the field. Charlie Issendorf of CRCA-Breakaway did make the move and stayed ahead for most of the race.

Pete Barlin and Stephen Badger of CRCA-ReMax were the few riders left in the field who didn't roll over and play dead in the middle of the 90 miles. Late in the race attacking began at the front, with Chris Peck and Donny Lopez of Wheelworks coming in first and second. There was some action in the field too, with Adam Myerson of Breakaway and a couple other guys attacking with about 20 miles to go and catching a few who came off the break. JT rolled in last of the 26 finishers....

In the 4/5 Ralph Hassard of was fourth with help from Rich Borow, who was tenth.

There were two womens fields (1-2-3 and 4) and CRCA riders were big players in both. Aubin Sullivan ( and Hannah Robson and Stephanie Bleecher (WS&F) contributed to burning off most of the field in the 4s, finishing third, second and fourth respectively.

GMBC's Lori Hewig won the 1-2-3 which was basically an uphill sprint, with Catherine Powers ( and Ann Marie Miller (WS&F) fifth and seventh. Sarah Sauvayre, in what we think was her first 1-2-3 out of town, was a 13th.

From our standpoint, what was perhaps most remarkable about this race was the numbers of women riders from the city. The results from the race list more of the Club's women than guys! And at races all year out of town it seem that the club's women are more enterprising -- or have more cars?

Tour of Mount Nebo
Rick did the 3s here and finished, which in what is perhaps the hilliest race on the East Coast was pretty good.

We had Tim and Eugne in the 1-2. There were attacks from the gun led by Kissena's Alex Lavalee. He ended up clear with teammate John Kelly and Snow Valley rider who flatted. The two Kissenas stayed away to win. Tim was crashed out early when about five guys went down -- and one of his Zipp wheels was destroyed. Fair warning to the guy who caused this pile-up -- Tim is looking for you. Eugene flatted out.

Poughkeepsie Criterium
We haven't caught up with all the details but know Randy Sharp of CRCA-Psoas won the women's 4 race.

CRCA Club Race
A threat of rain and lots of strong Renaissance and Keith Haring guys. There was tons of attacking, with Inson Wood of Haring off the front all race long in various combinations with Renaissance guys. We were on the defensive most of the race, as were Union Square and Princeton review. The final move was with a bit over a lap to go, with six riders -- Brent Greenberg and Josh Davison of Renaissance, Inson, Gary and Leon Moser of Union Square.

Inson was determined and exhorted the other to go faster, while Leon and Brent were savvy, and Gary was working hard. And Josh was capable -- he and Brent traded attacks and finally a move from the back at the bottom of the Park worked. Only Inson could respond and Josh won. Gary ended up fifth.

Floyd Bennett
Eugene helped blow the race open, attacking solo with 4 to go. Then three guys bridged up, they dropped one and he took second.

July 14-16

North Jersey Cycling Classic
Kurt did the masters at Park Ridge and got fifth or sixth in a tough field including a rampant Jerzy Wozniak of Ideal Time, who won.

The pro-1-2-3 was really pro, with Frank McCormack of Saturn lapping the field, sticking in the big ring all race, and eventually hooking up with his brother and teammate Mark and other brother Shawn (CCB), who took third and fourth. John Kelly of Kissena, riding solo behind Frank, was the only rider who could prevent an all-brothers podium. Wozniak rode this race too taking tenth! Results are online.

Harvard 100K Road Race
Eugene and Keith did this brutal circuit race, which always attracts a good field. The weather wasn't as hot as it has been, but the pace was. Charlie Issendorf of CRCA-Breakaway Courier animated the race early with a long attack that got him the King of the Mountains prize.

Then a group of about 12 formed in pieces off the front, with three riders, including Tim Johnson of CCB, slipped ahead, with Johnson winning. Behind Bill Yabroudy and Eugene also got ahead of the break, taking fourth and fifth. Adam Myerson of Breakaway was also in main break and got tenth.

Harvard Devens Crit
Eugene was active in this, spending a long time off the front in the company of Bill Yabroudy. They were brought back with about two laps to go after a big chase led by CCB's Skip Foley, working probably for teammate Shawn McCormack. The race ended in a field sprint.

Andrea Grossman of did the women's 4s and took fourth.

Cloudsplitter Stage Race
A sort of revival of the old Barkeater Tour of the Adirondacks, we had Tim and JT in the 30+ and Rick in the 40s. Facing a huge number of GMBC-Excite Guys. Glenn Swan of SpinGym, riding the 30s as part of his masters nationals preparation, had the fastest time in the opening TT with Tim 4th. We think Ben Haydock of GMBC won the 40s.

The next day was rain for the Michael Flanagan road race, over about 55 rolling/hilly miles. The 30s and 40s were combined, which meant GMBC had at least ten guys in the race. The race was supposed to be neutral for the first couple of miles into Lake Placid, but the pace driver never heard that nor did GMBC's John Funk, who attacked as we rolled off. He stayed away for alone for an hour and a half... Meanwhile we tried a bit, with Tim spending the most time off and JT and Rick each having a few digs. But GMBC snuffed everything. The race was mainly decided with riders constantly going out the back under Tim and a few other guys pressure. Funk was caught with 15 miles to go, JT went out the back with 8 to go, and the two other GMBC strongmen -- Andy Ruiz and John McKone took turns attacking. A McKone move stuck and he took the overall lead. Tim beat Ruiz in the sprint for 2nd place in a group of about ten.

The crit in downtown Saranac Lake was over a great, course with a steep hill and windy section through town. In the 30s we attacked a lot, GMBC covered everything, and Tim spent the latter two thirds of the racing away, pulling Funk around. Funk then attacked alone to win. McKone salvaged the overall win by one point over Tim, who took second in the stage. JT was fifth in the stage.

Haydock held on for the overall win in the 40s.

There was a contingent from the City in other fields. Marc Cesare, Daniel Byrne and some others rode the 3s, with Marc spending a lot of time off the front in the road race, though he was caught before the end. Nancy Morgenstern (CRCA-Psoas) and Aubin Sullivan ( were active in the women's 4 race, with Aubin placing high in the road race.

Tara Parsons (CRCA-RLX) was in the 1-2 and took the field sprint behind a small break in the road race.

And Catherine Powers (, a 3 who started racing a few months ago, won the road race against the 1-2s and the 3s (the fields were combined), had the fastest time of all women in the TT (and was faster than Rick and JT we might add) and won the criterium handily. Crushing. We believe she would have won the 1-2 overall if she had been in that race, and this was her first stage race ever.

Heather Baiman of RLX was Catherine's biggest challenger, and rode smoothly into second 3 in the road race and second (winning the field sprint) in the crit.

Kissena Prospect Park
A lot of rain and small turnout resulted in all the fields being combined. Sort of like racing in the city way back in the day. The race was a lot of fun, with Dave Melchior of Kissena-Sock Guy winning solo and a field sprint behind.

July 8-9

Kissena Prospect Park
We had Keith, Tim and JT in the 1-2-3 and David, Gary, Kurt and Rick in the masters. The 1-2-3 was animated, with lots of attacks. The best move for us was probably with about five laps to go. A break was about 15 seconds up the road and Keith made a really nice move to help Tim cross to it. Unfortunately that was brought back with two to go. The last time up the hill John Kelly of Kissena and a teammate attacked hard. We were all up front but couldn't follow. They stayed away to win. Pollo Martes, surprise, surprise, took the field sprint for third.

The masters were also very active, with Kurt in small multi-lap move that was caught on the final lap. CRCA-Sony riders -- Juan Pimental and Frankie Arroyo -- took first and second in the field sprint.

The women's race also came down to a field sprint, led out by Ann Marie Miller of CRCA-Women's Sports & Fitness. Vickie Huffman of Urban Fetch and another rider got by her for first and second.

Lou Maltese Memorial
Our team helped with pre-registration and early number pick-up, which was fun. And the races had big fields -- the 3/4 closed and there were at least 120 in the 1-2-3.

The pro-1-2-3 had a lot of attacking and our guys -- Tim, JT and Lance -- were in a bit, though Lance crashed out (he's OK). The most impressive ride was by John Kelly of Kissena who stayed away for over three laps, mainly alone. And we were going fast. Eventually Scott Mercer of GS Mengoni and Donny Lopez of Wheelworks got up to him, with Mercer winning.

The 3-4 was also fast but came down to a a field sprint, after a crash near the front in the last lap. We had Keith and Gary looking good, but the big field was hard to control. James Jospeh won (he must have a zillion upgrade points).

The women's race was good sized and also active. The sprint was wild, with one rider pulling her foot out of the pedals and a really long sprint on the left side from our former teammember Caryl Gale (Spin Gym). Deirdre Murphy of CRCA-RLX/Polo Sport, who was confident of her sprint and helped keep the race together, won with Caryl Second.

We're hosting results for this race.


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