This page is online for reference -- Century-SBCG disbanded at the end of 2004.
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August 2000 Race Reports
By Various Team Members

CRCA August 26 TT Results
Two laps of Central Park (12 miles 74 yards measured at the inside curb)

Senior 1/2/3
Placing Overall Name Time     Team
1 1 Charlie Issendorf 26:30:00 Breakaway
2 2 John Loehner 26:35:00 Dash/Renaissance
3 3 Stephen Badger 26:43:00 ReMax
4 4 Jason Priest 26:54:00 Dash/Renaissance
5 5 Inson Wood 27:05:00 Keith Haring
6 6 Eugene Boronow 27:06:00 SBCG
7 7 Ed Bennett 27:10:00 Bennett's
8 8 Sean Mannion 27:22:00 ReMax
9 9 Peter Barlin 27:37:00 ReMax
10 10 Kevin Molloy 27:48:00 Dash/Renaissance
11 11 George Suter 27:48:00 Union Sq Café
12 12 David Gitt 28:03:00 ReMax
13 13 Jeff Schmela 28:10:00
14 14 Paul Carbonara 28:13:00 SBCG
15 16 Keith Ryan 28:20:00 SBCG
16 18 Lee Sossen 28:30:00 Keith Haring
17 22 Rob Neal 28:57:00  
18 23 Sean Marvel 29:02:00
19 24 Dan Schmalz 29:07:00 Union Sq Café
20 26 Eric Min 29:15:00 Dash/Renaissance
21 27 Daniel Byrne 29:19:00  
22 31 Joseph Foglia 29:39:00
23 33 Basil Moutsopoulos 29:46:00 Dash/Renaissance
24 39 David Ottavio 30:10:00 SBCG
25 65 Mark Brennan 32:38:00  
  John Podesta DNF Keith Haring

Placing Overall Name Time     Team
1 20 Jamie Nicholson 28:44:00 SBCG
2 40 Tara Parsons 30:14:00 RLX Polo Sport
3 41 Julie Walsh 30:19:00 RLX Polo Sport
4 45 Beth Renaud 30:37:00 WS&F
5 46 Ann Marie Miller 30:40:00 WS&F
6 50 Sarah Sauvayre 31:02:00 WS&F
7 57 Bodil Arlander 31:41:00 RLX Polo Sport
8 59 Aubin Sullivan 31:56:00 Dash/Renaissance
9 68 Shelley Farmer 33:06:00  
10 69 Loren Launen 33:17:00 Dash/Renaissance
11 72 Liz Seward 34:34:00  
12 77 Marie DeRosa 35:39:00  
13 78 Jennifer Balch 38:30:00  
    Nina Strika DNF RLX Polo Sport

Senior 4/5
Placing Overall Name Time     Team
1 17 Marc Mauceri 28:29:00 PSOAS/Axis
2 19 Ralph Hassard 28:35:00
3 32 Chris Wilkes 29:45:00
4 34 Pascal Sauvayre 29:48:00 Setanta
5 35 Scott Klion 29:54:00
6 37 Lance Ball 30:02:00
7 38 Todd Brilliant 30:05:00 Setanta
8 42 Todd Stodolski 30:25:00 Gap
9 43 Richard Song 30:27:00 PSOAS/Axis
10 44 Juan Aruego 30:35:00 Setanta
11 47 Michael Sherry 30:43:00  
12 48 Michael Port 30:43:00  
13 49 Sid Daniels 30:50:00  
14 51 Richard Fernand 31:03:00
15 52 John Handrakas 31:08:00 Gundelach
16 53 Mark Wolz 31:13:00
17 54 Jeff Kanter 31:14:00 Setanta
18 55 Joe Szokoli 31:39:00
19 56 Nathan Eckenrode 31:40:00
20 58 Justin Holmes 31:47:00  
21 60 Rich Fleischer 32:03:00  
22 61 Ernesto Paredes 32:16:00  
23 62 Vinny Vicari 32:24:00  
24 63 Nick Kello 32:25:00 Dash/Renaissance
25 64 Tony Pechenik 32:34:00 Gap
26 66 Mike Stone 32:45:00  
27 67 Philip Simpson 32:57:00
28 70 Chris King 33:28:00  
29 71 Jaime Lopez 34:16:00  
30 73 Eric Gronning 34:38:00  
31 74 Brendan O'Connell 34:56:00  
32 76 Anthony Mazella 35:26:00  

Masters 40+
Placing Overall Name Time     Team
1 15 Lance Leener 28:13:00 SBCG
2 21 Gerry Martinez 28:55:00 Keith Haring
3 25 Tom Kempner 29:08:00 Hot Tubes
4 28 Rob Gray 29:22:00 Strictly Bicycles
5 30 Mete Basakinci 29:37:00 Miya Shoji
6 36 Robert Stern 29:56:00  

Masters 50+
Placing Overall Name Time     Team
1 29 Earl Osborne 29:28:00 Strictly Bicycles
2 75 Joe Witte 35:06:00  

August 19-20

Tokeneke RR
A revival on the Barkhamstead reservoir course, though less steep climbing than in the past. In the 88 mile pro-1-2 a group of three went away early, with CRCA-Dash-Renaissance's John Loehner in it. Eugene was in a group of three - with Bill Yabroudy - that tried to cross to the front. They got over a minute ahead of the field and half a minute from the break, but they didn't make it. Then the duo of Amos Brumble (CCB) and Ben Silberfarb (Essex County Velo) did make it, followed by a super looking Jason Rosenbarger of Knapp's-Redi Pac.

Those six stayed away but we don't know who won. Kevin Malloy of Dash-Renaissance attacked late from what was left of the field, with Eugene third in the field for 10th place.

We had Kurt, Rick and JT in the masters, which covered 66 miles. Former teammember Doug O'Neill (Spin Gym) attacked at the gun with Kurt, then when they came back JT attacked with three others, including one rider from Arc-en-Ciel, which had big numbers in the race. About six miles later they were caught, at which point there was more action, with Kurt going away with one Mark Luzio of Arc-en-Ciel, followed by Luzio's teammate Todd Buckley and GMBC's Andy Ruiz.

Kurt was dropped at about mile 50, then Luzio also popped off. Buckley came in solo ahead of Ruiz. In the field we got nothing, with JT bonking big time on the last climb. Eating your last meal six hours before the start of a race is probably a mistake, right?

Ann Marie Miller of CRCA-Women's Sports & Fitness was third in the women's race, while Ralph Hassard of won the 4s and Dash-Renaisance's Josh Davison and Kissena-Sock Guy's Dave Sommerville were fourth and fifth in the 3s.

Full results are being put together.

CRCA Club Race
Round 4 in the team challenge, we had a good team of Eugene, JT, Keith, Lance, Rick and Walid and were in all the action. The race was characterized by lots of short lived attacks but not a whole lot of follow-through by anyone. We tried, particularly a long, long surge by Eugene and Sean Mannion of ReMax with about two to go. But the race pretty much stayed together at pretty high speed.

On the last lap Peter Barlin of ReMax attacked over the 110th Street Hill and was joined by Jason Priest (Dash-Renaissance) and Inson Wood of Keith Haring. JT got across, followed by three more guys from different teams. Seven guys and seven teams - it looked good but neither Jason nor Priest wanted the move to succeed, while of the rest only Inson was capable of doing anything productive. The rest seemed to only be able to take weak pulls.

So it regrouped at Tavern, then a long, super high speed leadout by Dash-Renaissance all the way to the line. Kevin Malloy of Dash-Renaissance won, followed by his teammate Kyoo Min. Keith sat on the Renaissance for third or best of the rest. Eugene was about tenth and Walid was in the teens. Not bad for us, great for Dash-Renaissance.

We didn't see much of the women's race; when we did it was together. There was some early action but like the men's race not a lot of follow through. And some slow riding. Deirdre Murphy (Blue & Gold?) won in a field sprint, followed by Nina Strika of RLX Polo Sport and Catherine Powers of Dash-Renaissance.

Kissena Prospect Park
We had Kurt in the Masters where a small break went with Kurt in it. Morgan Stebbins of Spin Gym won; Kurt was fifth.

August 12-13

CRCA Club Race
A team points race, there was a lot of action, with the field breaking early. Eugene and Tim from our team were the most active, with Eugene getting away with John Loehner of and others with a couple laps to go. But they started fooling around on the last lap, lost 50 seconds and were caught. owned the field sprint, with Kyoo Min winning. Again!

For us, the best result was in the women's race, with Jamie getting fourth or fifth.

JT was in the Bs (for the first time since, gulp, 1984?) and didn't win. It was a field sprint and he was fourth. Chris Wilkes of won, followed by William Cannon and Zui Hanafusa.

Men: 1. Eric Min Dash-Renaissance 125 pts, 2. Kevin Molloy Dash-Renaissance 100,3. Inson Wood Keith Haring Foundation 75, 4. David Gitt Remax 70, 5. Mike Gansberg Princeton Review 60, 6. --- Dash/Renaissance 55*, 7. Leon Moser Union Square Caf&eacut; 50, 8. John Idone Remax 45, 9. Josh Smith Keith Haring Foundation 40, 10. Carlos Rivera Princeton Review 35, 11. --- Sony 30, 12. --- Remax 28*, 13. --- Strictly Bicycles 26, 14. --- Princeton Review 25*, 15. --- Gotham 23, 16. --- 20, 17. --- SBCG 18, 18. --- Union Sq Café 17, 19. --- Strictly Bicycles 16, 20. --- Strictly Bicycles 15*

Women: 1. Catherine Powers Dash-Renaissance 125 pts., 2. Nina Strika RLX Polo Sport 100, 3. Beth Renaud WS&F-Setanta 75, 4. Jaime Nicholson-Leener SBCG 65, 5. Tara Parsons RLX Polo Sport 55, 6. Sarah Sauvayre WS&F-Setanta 45, 7. Nancy Morgenstern PSOAS-Axis 30, 8. Julie Walsh RLX Polo Sport*, 9. Jane Kenyon RLX Polo Sport*,10. Stephanie Gould WS&F-Setanta*,

* No points scored, but places kept from other teams; only two riders per team can score.
Men's Team Standings   3/18     4/15     8/13   Total
1. Dash-Renaissance 115 95 225 435
2. ReMax 55 225 115 395
3. Sony 135 125 30 290
4. Keith Haring Foundation 75 60 115 250
5. Hot Tubes 225 -- -- 225
6. SBCG 70 60 18 153
7. Union Square Café -- 76 67 143
8. Princeton Review -- -- 95 95
9. Toga -- 75 -- 75
10. Strictly Bicycles -- 15 42 57
11. Gotham -- 30 23 53
12. -- -- 20 20
Women's Team Standings   3/18     4/15     8/13   Total
1. Dash-Renaissance 225 130 125 480
2. RLX Polo Sport 175 145 155 465
3. WS&F-Setanta 75 190 120 385
4. Gold & Blue 30 -- -- 30
5. SBCG -- -- 65 65
6. Psoas-Axis -- -- 30 30

Smithville-Mount Holly Grand Prix
This "fun" event -- amateurs only and with a flat 140k course, big field of six man teams and some narrow roads, it demands speed, power and nerve. Plus this year the last hour was in hard rain. The town is pretty, the organization good, and the entry fees support a local charity.

We had all kinds of problems, with three flats. Two were to Tim, who fought back into the field with a combination of power, some teamwork and a bit of daring in the caravan from our DS Keith Ryan and the Toga team's support car.

In the end we got nothing though. Tim may have squeaked into the top 30 but the finish camera had problems and we think he was 32nd to 34th. Walid was a couple places back from that.

CRCA-Toga's composite team of Rosevart "Pollo" Martes, Davd Jordan, Melito "Pulla" Heredia, John Loehner, Kyoo Min and Kevin Malloy was great -- helping hold things together at the end in the knowledge that Pollo was probably the fastest sprinter in the field.

With 10km to go the field was a solid wall going into a stiff headwind. Every twenty seconds the field would swarm, and if you lost your position you could easily go from 10th to 40th in a snap.

Pollo clearly had spent the whole race calculating where he had to be in the last lap. As we cut thought potholed switchback sandy roads that were covered to the rim in rain he held position tight. He was never in the wind, never off the road, but always in aposition to move up.

And his team was so good. At one point Kevin Malloy went through a gap approximately 6 inches wide and straight to front where he and Loehner drove the pace to keep Pollo up front.

Coming through town Pollo cut the corners perfectly on the inside in the pouding rain, the line of 10-15 guys next to him slid off on thebrick paved roads and into the parking meters.

He won by several bike lengths.

Kissena Prospect Park
Inson "Big Power" Wood won a wild rainy race. He was away with the three pros -- the Pineda brothers of 7-Up and Navigator Matt Koschara with five to go. They were caught with one to go but Inson stayed up front to take a strung-out field sprint.

August 4-6

Tour de 'Toona
There were a lot of different fields and the racing being so tough that we can only report some tidbits beyond on our own events.

We read about but saw very little of the tough crew from the city in the women's pro-1-2-3 -- including Tara Parsons and Catherine Powers (in her first year of racing). They both rode all six stages against some of the toughest women in North America. We have heard that Powers will be debuting as a guest rider for a national level team at a stage race in Quebec. Watch her.

The women 4 had Nancy Morgenstern (CRCA-Psoas) returning and Loren Launen and Andrea Grossman of Nancy got 12th overall.

We had Gary in the 3s and Eugene, JT and Tim in the 2s. The first day was uneventful but scary in both, with Tim being the only player by getting in a break the last several miles of the circuit race. The group was caught and we got nothing.

The Blue Knob road race predictably had more action. In the 3s Sean Marvel of was particularly active. Gary went away solo for awhile but didn't get in the final action and finished far back.

In the 2s our riders were players to varying degrees. Tim and Eugene were most active, with Tim getting tenth. Eugene was there too, but flatted with no wheel van in sight and was out of the stage.

The criterium was run in the rain and Gary finished in the front group of 20. In the 2s two guys went away early and stayed away. After crashing, CRCA-ReMax's Stephen Badger was away for long time in a chase group that was five at first, then down to two -- with Justin Lillie of Galaxy SM. They didn't catch the front but held off the field, with Badger getting fourth and sixteenth overall. Eugene was away behind that group with Chris Hardee of NCVC for a few laps but was caught at the end. Tim placed and got seventeenth overall.

Partial 'Toona results are online. If last year is any indication, full results will never be posted.

Vermont Race Weekend
We had Simon and Keith in the 3s in the Mad River Road Race and Burlington Criterium; they were active but didn't place. One of the most impressive rides by local riders was Juan Pablo Castro of Ideal Tile, who was the only non-Canadian to make the break in the road race. He hung on for about ninth and is North Atlantic Road Champion. The race was won by Charles Dionne of Volkswagen. See the full results.


News & Commentary