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April 2000 Race Reports

April 29-30

CRCA Club Team Time Trial
We fielded only one team in the four-man race -- Chad, Gary, Lance and Paul -- who got sixth. The race was won by Keith Haring Foundation with Dash/Renaissance placing teams second and third.

In the two-person race, one team crashed out. Asphalt Green won.

Many of the club's women were racing in Palmer but Psoas-Axis put together a good team with Tamara Damon, Randy Sharp, Olive White and new addition Nancy Morgenstern.

Four RidersRidersTime
(Four Laps)
1.CRCA/Keith Haring FoundationJohn Podesta, Lane Rodgers, Lee Sossen, Inson Wood53:15
2.CRCA/Dash/RenaissanceJosh Davison, Brent Greenberg, John Loehner, Kevin Molloy53:42
3.CRCA/Dash/RenaissanceSteve Anderson,Pat Dougherty, Steven Harvey, Eric Min55:00
4.CRCA/TogaSamuel Acevedo, Melito Heredia, Robert Marte, Jose Pineda55:14
5.CRCA/GothamChris Long, Rob Lyons, Dave, Nazaroff, Otis Rubottom55:41
6.CRCA/SBCGPaul Carbonara, Gary Keblish, Lance Leener, Chad Scheer56:55
7.CRCA/Kaplan.comLance Ball, Jordan Copeland, Scott Klion, Justin Lubeley57:00
8.CRCA/Strictly BicyclesGerman Estrada, Rob Grey,Chris Griffin, Ruben Hurtado57:09
9.CRCA/SonyRobert Clifford, Donald Fuchs,John McGovern, Ken Plundeke58:14
10.CRCATom Kempner, Robert Neal, Ted Neu, David Wagener58:47
11.CRCA/Kozmo.comJoe Foglia, Ralph Hassard,Sean Marvel, Jeff Schmela58:57
12.CRCA/Strictly BicyclesTristan Fausto, Ira Krell, Earl Osborne, Dave Peters1:00:38
13.CRCA/SetantaDaniel Giger, Ron Kahn, Conrad Meyer, Pascal Sauvayre1:02:12
14.CRCA/Kaplan.comDouglas Bixby, Michael Knopf, Phil Simpson, Mark Wolz1:04:02
15.CRCA/PSOAS/AxisTamara Damon, Nancy Morgenstern, Randy Sharp, Olive White1:08:51
16.CRCANathan Eckenrode, Brandon Forde, Greg Lee
Two RidersRidersTime
(Two Laps)
1.CRCA/Asphalt GreenScot Willingham, Glenn Ziesenitz27:47
2.CRCA/Union Square CaféDave Jordan, Leon Moser28:02
3.CRCAElizabeth Seward, Lawrence O'Keefe34:26
4.CRCA/Keith Haring FoundationChad Davis, Jerry MartinezDNF

Palmer, Massachusetts RR
JT did the 35+ in Palmer, with three laps of a 19 mile loop. A Le Chateau rider was away alone for a bit more than the first lap, with JT attacking as he was caught and being joined by Enrique Cubillo (CRCA-Keith Haring), a rider from the Green Mountain Bicycle Club and one from BOB. The four -- under Enrique's leadership-- stayed clear for about six miles, were joined by another 12 on the big descent, and then by the field a few miles later.

At that point, six or seven other guys attacked. As Morgan Stebbins (CRCA-Sony) put it "For awhile the gap was such that if I killed myself I could have crossed it" but then it opened up and the race was over. Morgan, Mark Mauceri of CRCA-Psoas and a few other tried to get the field to chase, but to no avail. Then with about 14 miles to go JT went clear with another GMBC rider, Ben Haydock, and though they stayed clear of the field they made no progress toward catching the break. JT led Haydock over the line for seventh (out of the money), with Enrique leading in the field.

We didn't see much of the other races but know Beth Renaud of CRCA-Women's Sports & Fitness won the women's 4 race by slpping away late.

Spring Series
Nice but windy weather for 50 miles in Prospect Park. Our team was asleep the first half of the race, with only Tim getting into a break of about fifteen riders that went away about halfway through -- with Dave Melchior of Kissena/Sock Guy, Kyoo Min of CRCA-Dash-Renaissance, Leon Moser of CRCA-Union Square, Rosevart "Pollow" Martes of Toga, Bill Elliston of Bicycle Therapy, Glen Schneider, Kevin Brown of Navigators, Lane Rogers of CRCA-Keith Haring and others. Despite only about half the guys in the front group working, the gap went to almost two minutes.

Our team woke up a bit about halfway through with the other three -- Chad, Eugene and JT all getting in a ten-man group that got clear of the field and made some progress on the break before in-fighting started and the group lost momentum.

The front group stayed clear to the end. Tim tried several times to go clear, though the most significant attack from the break was by Elliston and Schneider on the second to last lap. Kyoo Min and others brought it back, and the group sprinted it out with Pollo winning. But he was DQ'd for attacking through the joggers lane to join the group and the win went to Kyoo (with wife Linda watching), with Lane second and Brown third. Tim was sixth.

Dave Jordan (CRCA-Union Square) was first over the line in the second group, with Eugene next, both out of the places.

A Dash-Renaissnce rider also won with masters race -- Brent Greenberg who beat Jose Collado (CRCA-Sony) and Tom Cipolla in a six rider break. Kurt was tenth. And another Dash-Renaissance rider won the 3/4. Good day for them.

Pollo won the Spring Series overall, despite two DQ's for joggers lane violations which should mean he cannot race in City Parks for three months. Melchior was second and Collado, with points scored in the masters races, was third.

April 22-23

Hump Race, Maryland
This race was brutal, with two serious climbs each of 11 laps (for 60 miles) that kept breaking up the pro-1-2-3 field. The move of the day came with about 5 laps to go when a group of five got away, followed by a few others. We had Tim and Gary in the field, though Gary was under pressure. Tim too was suffering from the gun but, "began to feelbetter by about halfway."

With three laps to go Tim got away with another guy, then caught and rode through a small chase group. They had the lead group in sight on the last lap, but were caught themselves by the field. Meanwhile, Brian Walton of Saturn had attacked the leaders and was ahead solo -- he won. Enrique Cubillo of CRCA-Keith Haring got a good place -- probably 12th to 15th -- though he may have started his sprint too late. Only 45 of 75 starters finished.

We also had two guys in the masters race, with Kurt getting second and Chad eighth. And we watched some of the CRCA-RLX women too -- with Jule Walsh getting sixth after being led out by Tara Parsons, who held on for about eighth.

Spring Series
The Spring Series moved to flat and windy Floyd Bennett Field. The Masters was the usual -- with tons of CRCA-Sony guys riding hard. The final move was three -- Frankie Arroyo and John McGovern from Sony plus Kurt G. from Century-SBCG. They spent the last couple laps ahead, with John attacking repeatedly. He got away late for the win, followed in by Frankie and then Kurt.

The Pro-1-2-3 was animated. Somerset Wheelmen's John Verheul attacked at the gun as was joined in dribs and drabs by Scott Mercer of Mengoni, Matt Koschara of Navigators, JP Partland of Kissena-Sock Guy (wearing their new clothes) who was eventually dropped,and Inson Wood of CRCA-Keith Haring.

Behind a group of about ten got away with two Ideal Tile guys, Enrique Cubillo of Keith Haring, series leader Rosevart "Pollo" Martes of Toga and teammate Milton Corida, Dave Sommerville of Sock Guy, Joe Jankovsky of Laurel, another Somerset guy named Eric who had just moved up from Florida and said "I'm used to this flat windy stuff, but not so much this greyness", George Suter of CRCA-Union Square, JT and some others. And very little cohesion in the group.

Wilson Vasquez of Mengoni, who is in a big duel with Pollo for the series overall, flatted and missed the move.

Late in the race that big group was caught by the field -- but not before George and Joe had slipped away. In front, Mercer was dropped by the leaders, Verheul spent some time alone ahead, but eventually Inson and Matt caught him. The final order was Matt, Verheul, Inson, Mercer, Jankovsky, Suter then Pollo taking the sprint from what was left of the field.

Meanwhile, there was all kinds of weird stuff in this race, including a shouting match that nearly came to blows, Cubillo crashing into a huge puddle and then getting back on with good teamwork from Lee Sossen, Mercer almost being DQ'd for a handup, another rider supposedly DQ'd for abusive language, some kind of pay-off, and Simon Ginsberg of Union Square leading a chase after his teammate George in the last two laps. In Ginsberg's defense, he didn't seem to know his teammate was just ahead. And he wasn't the only guy confused -- JT admited afterwards that he didn't know Koschara and Wood were in the break and thought there were only two guys in front.

But the worst stuff seems to have been the officiating. The "field" that caught the chase group was half composed of lapped riders, many of whom were working. And when this was pointed out to the organizers after the race, they responsed "don't worry, we know." "Don't worry?" The problem is that without that horsepower the field wouldn't have caught the second group, despite the lack of committment by most riders in that group. If the officials knew that the field was full of lapped riders, they should have forced the lapped riders out of it. Considering that exactly the opposite ruling was made in the Flushing Crit this year (which was also mistaken -- lapped riderscanwork together in criteriums) something is wrong.

The 3-4 seemed, thankfully, more straightforward, with ten guys powering away and our Simon notching his fourth Spring Series win with a very late sprint from Frederick Horwood of CRCA-Gotham and David Whitney of the Somerset Wheelmen.

April 15-16

CRCA Cup Round 2
This race was one of those high speed park races -- lots of moves, constant pressure, and nothing ever getting a serious gap.

Instead the game was played in the last couple K, with ReMax putting together an impressive train up one side of the road for first and second -- and maximum points.

We're rarely at our best in that kind of situation but tried to make the most of it with a leadout of our own. But our train came apart and our best place was Simon in tenth.

Men: 1. John Idone (ReMax) 125 pts, 2. David Gitt (ReMax) 100 pts, 3. Roosevart Martes (Toga) 75 pts, 4. Morgan Stebbins (Sony) 70 pts, 5. Leon Moser (Union Square) 60 pts, 6. Frankie Arroyo (Sony) 55 pts, 7. Dash-Renaissance rider 50 pts, 8. Dash-Renaissance rider 45 pts, 9. Keith Haring rider 40 pts, 10. Simon Orr (SBCG) 35 pts, 11. Gotham rider, 30 pts, 12. Sony rider 28 pts*, 13. Mihael Ginghina (ReMax) 26 pts*, 14. Eugene Boronow (SBCG) 25 pts, 15. Tim Clarsen (SBCG) 23 pts*, 16. Keith Haring rider 20 pts, 17. Keith Haring rider 18 pts, 18. SBCG rider 17 pts, 19. Union Square rider 16 pts, 20. Dario Hurtado (Strictly Bicycles) 15 pts

Women: 1. Sarah Sauvayre (WSF-Setanta) 125 pts, 2. Heather Baiman (RLX-Polo) 100 pts, 3. Nancy Morgenstein (Dash-Renaissance) 75 pts, 4. Frances Harrison (WSF-Setanta) 65 pts, 5. Loren Launen (Dash-Renaissance) 55 pts, 6. Patti O'Brian (RLX-Polo) 45 pts, 7. Julie Walsh (RLX-Polo) 30 pts*, 8. Catherine Powers (Dash-Renaissance), 9. Nina Strika (RLX-Polo), 10. Tara Parsons (RLX-Polo)

* No points scored, but places kept from other teams; only two riders per team can score.
Men's Team Standings  3/18    4/15  Total
3.Hot Tubes225--225
5.Keith Haring Foundation7560135
7.Union Square Café--7676
10.Strictly Bicycles--1515
Women's Team Standings  3/18    4/15  Total
1.RLX/Polo Sport165145310
4.Gold & Blue75--75

Eastford Road Race
After doing the masters at this nice Connecticut road race, JT commented "It was odd being confident I was one of the fastest riders in the field for the finish." He made the ten man break -- which had three Arc en Ciel riders -- but couldn't stay with four guys who attacked the break and ended up fifth.

Spring Series
Prospect Park in the rain is great. The pro-1-2-3 was super agressive, with all kinds of action. Tim and Chad were away for several laps in a group and JT spent a lap out alone.

With three or four laps to go Enrique Cubilo (CRCA-Keith Haring), Jason Schneider (Ideal Tile) and Dave Melchior (Kissena) attacked on the flats at the bottom of the hill and got away. Tim chased and just managed to get to them on the rollers after the hill. Rosevart Martes (Toga), another rider and eventually Eugene went after them but wouldn't cooepration. The, despite some chasing from Toga, Asodoci and Urban Fetch, the front four stayed away, with Jason first, Dave second, Enrique third and Tim fourth.

Eugene got a brief gap on the field the last time over the hill and then flatted. Chad and Ramon Guzman (Urban Fetch or Asodoci) then rode away but were caught in the last fifty yards.

The masters were animated, as usual, and Sony dominated, as usual. Kurt was third.

April 8-9

CRCA Club Time Trial
Toby Stanton brought his young Hot Tubes team to town for these two laps of Central Park and their Ian Stuart won -- just over a minute faster than he did for fifth last year. Second was an impressive John Podesta of Keith Haring Foundation with our Simon in third. After training for this race in the evenings for the past several weeks, Simon said "It's a lot nicer riding that TT bike when I can actually see the road."

Over 20 women raced -- more than three times the number last year.

Indeed, there was a big turnout of riders all around, which was great. But it seemed like a lot of beginners didn't pay much attention to the lines they were taking -- using more of the road to take a shorter path is an easy way to save a few seconds.

Thanks to Jim Boyd for getting results together so quickly. The times and placings within each field are right -- some of the overall placings may be off because we put this up fast.

And to compare times with 1999, take a look atlast year's resultsat the CRCA site.RLX Polo Sport
Category 1-2-3
PlacingOverallTime    NameTeam
1126.27Ian StuartHot Tubes
2227.02John PodestaDetails
3327.03Simon OrrSBCG
4427.06Dustin RademacherHot Tubes
5527.17Daniel WolfsonHot Tubes
6627.20Stephen BadgerReMax
7727.31Dave JordanUnion Sq Café
8827.36George SuterUnion Sq Café
9927.46Eugene BoronowSBCG
101027.51John LoehnerDash/Renaissance
111127.54Enrique CubilloKeith Haring
121328.04Jason PriestDash/Renaissance
131428.06Matthew WilsonHot Tubes
141528.09Lee SossenKeith Haring
151628.10Inson WoodKeith Haring
161728.13Scot WillinghamAsphalt Green
171828.23Chad DavisKeith Haring
181928.24Josh DavisonDash/Renaissance
192028.25John TomlinsonSBCG
202128.46Kevin MolloyDash/Renaissance
212228.48Chad ScheerSBCG
222428.51John McGovernSony
232728.56Brent GreenbergDash/Renaissance
242929.08Paul CarbonaraSBCG
253029.11Lane RodgersKeith Haring
263129.14Dave Sargent
273629.41David NazaroffGotham
283829.46Eric MinDash/Renaissance
294029.49Keith RyanSBCG
304230.06Joshua RechnitzCNC
324830.16Daniel ByrneRoad Runner
334930.21Josh SmithKeith Haring
345130.31Tom KleinbergerBennett's
355230.35Brandon FordeBennett's
385930.56Pat DoughertyDash/Renaissance
397732.13Jake Koblentz

PlacingOverallTime    NameTeam
15530.46Ann Marie MillerWSF/Setanta
26131.21Catherine PowersDash/Renaissance
36231.29Julie Walsh
46431.32Nina StrikaRLX Polo Sport
56831.49Beth RenaudWSF/Setanta
67532.04Stephanie GouldWSF/Setanta
77832.09Aubin SullivanDash/Renaissance
88432.40Bodil ArlanderRLX Polo Sport
98532.44Tara ParsonsRLX Polo Sport
108632.46Sarah SauvayreWSF/Setanta
118732.51Nancy MorgensternDash/Renaissance
128832.56Kristi RobertsWSF/Setanta
139032.59Cindie Baker
149133.03Loren LaunenDash/Renaissance
159233.14Heather BaimanRLX Polo Sport
169333.17Stephanie BleecherWSF/Setanta
1710234.18Frances M. HarrisonWSF/Setanta
1810334.21Jane KenyonRLX Polo Sport
1910434.39Julie Deardorff
2011435.58Jane Moloney
2111637.37Liz Seward
2211737.47Katherine Van Itallie
2312038.5Jennifer Balch

Masters 40+
PlacingOverallTime    NameTeam
11227.58Morgan StebbinsSony
22828.59David Wagener
33429.37Lance LeenerSBCG
43529.39Jerry MartinezKeith Haring
53929.49Tom KempnerHot Tubes
64930.25Rob Stern
75931.01Don FuchsSony
86031.01Lars KloveDash/Renaissance
97131.52David PeterStrictly Bicycles
107332.02Gregory Lee
118232.38Dom Maita
1211235.37David Chomowicz
1311838.09Joseph Grier
DNF  Richard Kashin 

Masters 50+
PlacingOverallTime    NameTeam
13729.45Robert CliffordSony
25730.51Earl OsborneStrictly Bicycles
36331.30David Kliger
DNF  Ferdie Scharf 

Category 4-5
PlacingOverallTime    NameTeam
12328.49Kyle Cashin
43229.27Peter AndersonDash/Renaissance
64130.02Daniel LevineGap
74330.07Su Keun ChunDash/Renaiisance
84430.12Marc MauceriPSOAS/Axis
94530.15Stephen HarveyDash/Renaissance
115630.47Rolando Ocampo
136631.41Juan Aruego
146731.44Wayne Vartabedian
157131.50Richard Song
167231.59Todd StodolskiGap
177432.04Vinny Vicari
187932.13Simon BucklandStrictly Bicycles
198032.26Jeffrey Kanter
208132.3Richard Fernand
218232.35Justin Holmes
228432.39Tristan C. FaustoStrictly Bicycles
238932.58Nathan Eckenrode
249433.24Joe Szokoli
259533.31Len Battifarano
269633.32Rich Fleischer
289833.45Conrad MeyerSetanta
299933.54Mike Stone
3010033.56Douglas D.
3110134.17Adam Seidman
3210534.47Tony PechenikGap
3310634.53John DeMuinck
3410734.55Preston Niblack
3510835.12Chris Henry
3610935.16Andrew Reyniak
3711035.31James Oszlak
3811135.35Michael Szwejbka
4011536.05Ivan Diaz
DNF  David Glass 

Kissena Prospect Park
The Pro-1-2-3 was much more agressive than the Spring Series race the previous Saturday. A group four got away, with Sean Nealy of Kissena winning from Wilson Vasquez of CRCA-Mengoni, another Kisenna rider and Mynor Pineda of CRCA-Gotham. Both of our guys in the race -- Tim and Walid -- flatted out.

The Masters race developed in a similar fashion. Kurt attacked from a lead group of about twelve with two laps to go and was joined by Spin Gym's Doug O'Neill, Sony's Jose Collado and another rider. He attacked them with about 1K to go but was caught and passed by Doug, who won, and Jose and finished third.

Spring Series
From a high of 70 degrees on Saturday, Sunday brought snow and temperatures in the 20s for the Flushing Meadows crit. And sleet and snow. As CRCA-Sony's John McGovern put it "Totally awesome conditions -- The wind really picked up." Only hard guys showed, which from our team was Eugene in the Pro-1-2-3, Simon in the 3-4 and Kurt in the Masters.

The Pro-1-2-3 had fifteen starters with CRCA-Toga's Milton Corida attacking at the gun and lots of action behind. The sleet turned to snow after a few laps. Eventually Dave Melchior (Kissena) and Eugene went clear to chase. Eugene then dropped Melchior, caught Corida with about 500 meters to go -- and in the slow-motion sprint the Corida won. Melchior held on for third. The field was only a handful of guys.

Six guys started the Masters race. One got dropped while CRCA-Sony's Jose Collado flatted, got a bike change (to a bike at least four centimeters too big!) and finished in thrid. Enrique Cubillo was the man -- doing his second race of the day and winning alone. Kurt was second and John McGovern was fourth.

The 3-4 had five starters. Trackie Dan Lim took the sprint from Asphalt Green's Scott Willingham. Simon was confident with the leaders but flatted with a lap to go, got a wheel change and chased in for third -- and last!

After it was all over, Eugene summed things up by saying "Our extremities were numb, and when trying to speak, our frozen mouths released strange alien-type sounds. The snow was caked up on our bikes and on our helmets, and it was difficult to see. It was great, and it was terrible. To experience real bike racing, I believe one must leave the Park, and seek challenges elsewhere. We suffered terribly this morning, but if the same race were held next Saturday, I would do it again. I love bike racing."

April 1-2

CRCA Club Race
The 54 mile club race was very active, with a group of about seven or eight guys going clear about halfway through; this included with Tim, two Renaissance (Kyoo Min and Pat "Doc" Dougherty), and others. We were satisfied with that, but then Renaissance's Josh Davison made it to the front group and we got nervous. So we tried to keep the the break close. The pressure eventually split the break, with most coming back except for Tim, Kyoo and Josh. Renaissance's strength was emphasized when Kevin Malloy crossed to the front, solo, on the last lap.

The field sprint was right on the heels of the break and we got our first real train of the year going -- which profited CRCA-Strictly Bicycles' Vincent Cintrone, the freshest guy left in the field. We hadn't seen him once all day. He passed Tim in the sprint and took fourth, with Paul fifth and a couple other of our guys in the first ten. 1-2-3 went Kyoo, Kevin, Josh. We tried.

(We just noticed -- April 9 -- the official results at the CRCA website have Simon Ginsberg of Union Square Cafe in fifth, which is quite a surprise. Evidently Paul had his vest on as he crossed the line, his number was hidden and he didn't stick around to help the officials sort things out. Live and learn.)

Spring Series Saturday
The Pro-1-2-3 was lame and boring. No break was away for more than a single three mile lap. The one pleasant thing was seeing the speed with which Colorado Cyclist/7-Up's Oscar Pineda attacked with a lap to go. Indeed, he went so fast that a lot of people missed it and thought he won from a field sprint.

The other noteworthy aspect of the race were the grotesque amount of joggers lane violations, particularly in the sprint. Thankfully two of Kissena's officers (Eric Ragot and Dave Sommmerville) reported at least nine guys for this dangerous action.

The 3-4 race also had it's share of nonsense. The winner came from a break -- but he had no number on! He was not DQ'd, despite protests, which doesn't seem right. Racing is chaotic enough in City Parks without this being allowed. Simon was third.

The Masters was a Spin Gym-Sony battle -- with Spin Gym bringing a big team for the first time and dishing out what one member called "a simple dose of reality." Spin Gym's Andy Muldoon won and Doug O'Neil was third. Kurt was fifth.

Spring Series Sunday
The Pro-1-2-3 had the same result as yesterday -- a win by Oscar Pineda -- but the style was very different. There was mad attacking from the gun, and we put Chad in a break with Pineda, Ed Beamon of Navigators, Jason Schneider of Ideal Tile and Enrique Cubillo of CRCA-Keith Haring. Plus we had a bunch of guys in the next couple groups.

Unfortunately Chad came out of the break and the field came together on the chase groups. We were active, but sat back while Renaissance and CRCA-Union Square chased. That didn't make enough progress, so we started chasing with Kissena with a bit over a lap to go. But we didn't make it and the break stuck.

The Masters race was another Sony fest, with Morgan Stebbins winning.

It was also interesting seeing a bunch of guys who missed the start because of the time change and also some misinformation in the CRCA newsletter.


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