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Oh No, It's Judge Dredd
My grandmother lives on Martha's Vineyard, and to visit her my mom usually takes a bus from New York City to Woods Hole, where she catches the ferry.

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  Bonanza runs the bus service and it's generally quite good. The buses are clean and comfortable, and they actually show movies during the trip, in the same way airlines show movies.

Late last year she visited my grandmother twice -- once for Thanksgiving and the second time around Christmas. And of the four bus rides (two trips up and two back) the bus broke down three times. They also showed "Judge Dredd" on each of those three trips.

I don't know if that is a coincidence or what. But on the first trip up the movie was "Judge Dredd" and the bus broke down. On the way back it was something else, maybe "Something to Talk About" because, like the airlines, Bonanza shows one film in one direction and a different one in the other direction. And no problems with the bus that trip back.

Out to Woods Hole before Christmas it was Judge Dredd again and the bus broke down again. OK. Then on the way back the driver sensed that something was wrong when the movie began to play. It was out of his field of vision, pointing back toward the passengers, but it sure didn't sound like "Something to Talk About." So he asked my mom, who was sitting right behind him, if "It looks like science fiction or something?" She said yes. And then he muttered to himself "Oh no, it's Judge Dredd." About half an hour later the bus broke down.