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I'm Elizabeth Emery, a professional cyclist with the INTERSPORTS cycling team.

Cascade Cycling Classic
With two laps to go, I had more than a three-minute gap. Still somewhat concerned, I picked up the pace and focused on my pedal stroke. Given how the gap kept growing, Pia, Sandy, Jessica, and Cathy had to be doing some great work back in the field. The course was good for a break-away, because of the twisting road and corners...

Through bike racing I've travelled the world, grown tremendously as a person and had some competitive success. I want to give you an inside look at elite level cycling, a view of the wonderful, growing, professional side of women's sports, and ideas about how to get the most out of your own cycling and the other sports you are involved in.

I'd love to here from you -- drop me a line at elizabeth@goyoee.com.

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